Vicky | 18 | South Florida
I'm on a healthy, 1470 calorie a day diet.
I work out 5-6 days a week for 90-100 minutes at a time.
Every day I try on a pair of jeans that are too small for me.
Currently I'm a size 18/20 US jeans, xxl shirts, 40 C/D bra, and a size 18/20 US dress.
I like to measure my goals by inches. I see so many people who try to go by pounds and just suffer needlessly because of natural weight fluctuation.
I wanna start a weight loss circle for gals ages 16-21 who have a starting weight of 190 llbs or US jean 16/17. Please message if your interested! <3
I'm also wanting to start either Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 or 30 day shred. Hit me up you wanna do it with me. :)
As soon as I find my tape measurer I'll let ya'll know my measurements (including my weight.).
In a week or so I'll have my rewards for myself up for each goal met.
THINSPO FREE ZONE. | I don't follow back blogs that post a lot of thinspo. | I like to keep it positive. | Anti Mia & Anti Ana & ED |
You are beautiful, regardless of your gender, body type, jean size, breast size, or facial features. Don't let anyone/anything make you feel any different.

I can feel shark week’s approach.

My cramps are already starting. 

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